Monday, October 15, 2012

The 30 Day TV Detox- Days 5-8

I had a busy weekend, so I decided to consolidate three days into one post.  Even though we accomplished some crafts and decorating, I feel as if the whole TV detox went South this weekend.  The rainy fall weather just made it ideal for us to lounge in front of the TV.  My husband watched all of his important football games, I caught up on my Bravo Housewives, while the kids vegged-out to "Go Diego Go."  

Here are some highlights of some TV-less moments:

  Pack Wraps

We practiced gluing dots.  Simon created these tiny collages named "pack-wraps."  
In typical two year old fashion, Vivi ate the glue.

 "Leaf Doodling"

We took a moment to enjoy the changing leaves.  The Artful Parent gave me inspiration for this easy leaf project.  We collected leaves, pressed and dried them, and them painted them with Mod Podge.  I strung them with clear filament and hung them above my fireplace. 

Halloween Decorations

I went a little crazy at the craft store, because Martha Stewart Halloween decorations were 40% off.  

Candy Land

Simon's recent favorite game is Candy Land.  He is such a great player, that he has won every game.  Imagine that!

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