Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boots and Dresses

My little Diva has taken to dressing herself lately.  Boots, dresses, glasses, and baby in tow.  A walk around the block in style.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Up-Cycle: Create a Chalkboard Table

My 11 year old niece generously gave us her old cafe table.  I have fond memories of her serving us tea and creating fabulous art projects on this table.  In fact, the table was filled with layers of scotch tape, glue, and glitter.  After much thought, I had the brilliant idea to create a chalkboard table.  I became even more excited when I realized that chalkboard paint comes in a rainbow of colors.  So much fun to pick a color.. I picked purple, to pull from the purple flowers in the fabric for the chairs.
A quick sanding, and a few layers of paint and new fabric, we had a brand new table and chairs.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Mom’s Confession: Nursing A Toddler

Everyone keeps asking me, “Are you still nursing her?” Um…. “Yes.” I always cringe, a bit embarrassed, but yes I’m still nursing her.  Vivienne is two and a half, huge for her age and every bit still needy for me.  Our nursing journey has developed from need, to want, to comfort.  Nursing a toddler looks something like this: play, fall down, nurse, comfort.

Am I over it?  YES, emphatically YES! I am over the pinching, pulling, hanging, undressing, nagging, whining, etc.  I am done!  Yet every morning, I give in.  At naptime, I give in.  Yet, she’s so cute, I can’t help it.  So all you moms out there, still nursing toddlers, it’s okay! I stand with you in solidarity.  

In honor of almost weaning, my husband photographed us.  I put on the dress my godmother wore to my christening, and Vivi wore one of my christening outfits.  A vintage Lord and Taylor, white sear-sucker tunic with a matching coat.  We gloriously jumped on my bed, then snuggled for some special time together.  I know she is my last child, and I wanted to mark this special moment in time.  


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