Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The White Balloon, An Adventure in Painting

     Little Miss V's favorite pass time involves paints, brushes, and paper.  Often she sits at the kitchen table with her watercolors painting away while watching PBS.  It's the only activity which involves no whining and no fighting.  Most days, I leave the paper and water colors out for her to paint when she chooses.  I love that she has no fears, no direction, just pure expression.  
     Yesterday, my dear friend, art teacher Yianna Angelopoulos from Smock Room, posted a great balloon painting lesson.  This activity was perfect to try with my 3 year old.  First, we recycled one of the balloons from her birthday party.  The balloon should have been a bit smaller, but we improvised. Next, I set up paper plates with bright neon tempera.  (She insisted on pouring the colors herself).   Finally, with the white balloon and roll of white paper, I let her experiment.  Dipping and rolling, then dipping and rolling again.  In the end, she felt strange holding a balloon rather than her usual paint brush. I really loved the texture of the balloon painting, and it was a new way for Miss V. to step out of her comfort zone.  

What sorts of paint instruments do your little ones prefer?  Write me a comment!

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