Friday, April 12, 2013

A Mom’s Confession: Nursing A Toddler

Everyone keeps asking me, “Are you still nursing her?” Um…. “Yes.” I always cringe, a bit embarrassed, but yes I’m still nursing her.  Vivienne is two and a half, huge for her age and every bit still needy for me.  Our nursing journey has developed from need, to want, to comfort.  Nursing a toddler looks something like this: play, fall down, nurse, comfort.

Am I over it?  YES, emphatically YES! I am over the pinching, pulling, hanging, undressing, nagging, whining, etc.  I am done!  Yet every morning, I give in.  At naptime, I give in.  Yet, she’s so cute, I can’t help it.  So all you moms out there, still nursing toddlers, it’s okay! I stand with you in solidarity.  

In honor of almost weaning, my husband photographed us.  I put on the dress my godmother wore to my christening, and Vivi wore one of my christening outfits.  A vintage Lord and Taylor, white sear-sucker tunic with a matching coat.  We gloriously jumped on my bed, then snuggled for some special time together.  I know she is my last child, and I wanted to mark this special moment in time.  


  1. Wow, your husband has some mad photog skills! What beautiful memories you'll have. It is such a bittersweet goodbye....I totally get it. I nursed Mia for 16 months and it was my most cherished memory with her. I wrote all about it too!

    Bravo to you, BRAVO!!!

  2. Thank you so much Gina! He shot the pics and I edited. lol... I nursed Simon for 13 months, and I was okay with him weaning because I was pregnant. This time it's so much harder because nursing is such a big part of her world. As much as I find humor in her still nursing, I really will be sad when it's over.

  3. so beautiful! Seriously.
    and I know what you're feeling. Emi nursed until she was 4 :)



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