Friday, October 19, 2012

The 30 Day TV Detox- Day 11

An Evolution of Technology

     Simon found some ancient artifacts in my parents' basement yesterday.  The first being,  my old Etch A Sketch.  Though mine is not from the sixties, (I would say I bought it in college so mid nineties,) we get the idea that simple toys are often the greatest.  
     The best basement find was our old Texas Instrument Speak and Spell.  My brothers and I would fight over this toy on long road trips.  I still remember the robotic voice telling me the word is "incorrect."  Thank God, this came with ear plugs.  Believe it or not, this Speak and Spell still works.  
Of course today, every child has the Leap Frog Laptop.  I went so far as to sign up online so Simon can receive e-mails from me.  
     The ultimate little gadget for my children would be my iPhone.  Like most parents, my children manipulated me into downloading PBS Apps, and Disney Apps.  Though, their favorite App, is what we call "The Greek Game" ( First Greek Words).  The kids match Greek letters to the corresponding animal.  

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