Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 Day TV Detox- Day 3

     The day began with relative calm.  I awoke before the kids, so I was able to tune in to my morning news shows.  There's nothing like a bit of WGN news in the morning.  Once the kids invaded my room, we quickly came downstairs for breakfast and the usual morning routine.
     Before this experiment, I would turn on PBS or Disney Channel, while I would make my coffee.  I would hide in the other TV room for 10 minutes so I could wake up.  Today, I let them eat a quick bite of toast and yogurt, then I made my coffee.  Just before I took my first sip, I heard a big THUMP! Before I looked up and heard a scream, my heart just jumped.  I ran over to Vivi where she fell off the bar stool and landed on the back of her head.  After screaming for five minutes, I checked her eyes, made sure she could walk and talk.  OK, no ER for the time being.  At these moments, I am thankful this two year old still likes to nurse.  She was able to quickly calm down and resume playing with her brother.
     On Wednesday mornings, we attend Story Time at our local library.  I was trying to hurry everyone along, when Miss V. decided that she did not want me to take off her stinky Minnie pjs.  This meltdown lasted until we arrived at the library.  Thankfully, she calmed down once she saw all the other children.  At this point, I was still annoyed by the meltdowns, I had no idea what story Miss B. read to the kids.  Something about a pumpkin, because we made a pumpkin craft.
     After Story Time, Simon (paid for) checked out 10 books about trains, cranes, and planes, and Vivi picked the most annoying singing Veggie Tale book.  We did some grocery shopping, came home, ate lunch, took Simon to school, came home, and Vivi napped.  I spent the rest of the afternoon editing, and dreaming about the new Babiekins Magazine.
     The day pretty much ended with as much drama as it began.  We fought evening traffic to Oakbrook so I can buy one of two copies of Babiekins at Barnes and Nobles.  Then we ate a crappy dinner at the Noodle place.  Of course neither of my children ate.  Then we fought more detours and traffic on the way home, only to have Vivi vomit all over her car seat right.
     The evening ended with an episode of Dora, Simon falling asleep at 8pm, and Vivi staying up with us to watch Food Impossible until 9pm.  In the meantime she ate two bananas, and a bowl of goldfish.  I think the poor thing was car sick.

Morning Fashion Meltdown
Pumpkin Craft

The lovely Babiekins Magazine.
I need to hide somewhere so I can read it.

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