Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The 30 Day TV Detox- Day 2

Today went better than I expected, despite the fact that I woke up with a NyQuil hangover.  I never thought we (or rather I) would make it without Disney Jr.  When I woke up, I did not turn on the usual GMA or Today Show.  Instead, I resorted to my trusty alarm/radio and tuned in to the local NPR station.  There is nothing like listening to Morning Edition to make you feel like you are part of civilization.
On the other hand, the kids did not ask me to turn on the TV.  We came downstairs, listened to more NPR and had breakfast.  Later in the morning, I took the kids for a short visit to Nana's house where they ran around like wild children.  Simon invented various "yogot" poses, while Vivi imitated him.  The rest of the afternoon went by in a flash.  Lunch with Daddy, took Simon to school, Vivi napped, and I started dinner. Vivi did have a 45 minute Caillou break so I could cook dinner, but Simon was too busy to notice.

5 Things We Accomplished Today:

1.  The kids learned how to use the spray bottle to clean my cabinets.  (Yay me!)
2.  Simon learned how to play Go Fish with me and Nana.
3.  They both used the "funny" scissors to cut crazy lines.
4.  Vivi and Big Bird debated the fate of this country.
5.  Simon and Daddy enjoyed a nice leisurely swing outside.  

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