Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What To Do When There's No Caillou?

Most of us, across the Midwest, have suffered scorching heat this week.  My children have been restless, and stir crazy.  To make matters worse, our internet was out, so that meant no Netflix. My poor children could not watch endless hours of Caillou. Instead, I decided to research some toddler crafts, where I came across this great blog on Pinterest, http://handsonaswegrow.com/2012/06/simple-straw-threaded-shoestring-necklace.html.  Based on this craft, I decided to have the kids create ribbon necklaces with straw beads.

I gathered up some colorful straws, ribbon, a plastic threading needle, and children's scissors.  My son,  obsessed with scissors, intently cut each straw.  

With help, each child easily threaded the straw pieces on their piece of ribbon to make a necklace.  This was a really fun and easy craft, which kept them occupied for over an hour!  

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