Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Big Wave of Mutilation

When my little brother was four, he had traced a large self-portrait of himself.  This hung on the back of his door, until he went away to college.  I remembered this, after seeing a similar project listed in 30 Creative Toddler Craft and Art Projects.  The art teacher in me got inspired to teach my children the basics about facial feature placement.  First, I rolled out some white paper, next I traced each childs' body.

Simon was able to draw eyes, a nose and even his hair. Vivi, well she just made crazy marks.  All of our enthusiasm and excitement went downhill pretty fast!

The markers didn't quite stay on the page, and the kids had more fun drawing on themselves.  In the end we had a really big wave of mutilation!

P.S. I have to credit my husband for taking some of these pictures..

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