Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 2

This was the 2nd week of Project Life 365.  The challenges this week, forced me to think about composition, and making deliberate choices.  For each challenge, I would capture a few different photos, edit them, then pick the strongest one.

Day 7 #simplicity
This was the top of a steeple from the Cincinnati skyline.  There is nothing more simple than looking at the cross and putting our faith in Him.

Day 8 #front_door
Vivienne sits at the front door playing with my vintage Minnie Mouse.

Day 9 #in_a_drawer
This challenge forced me to use the new drawer liners I bought weeks ago.  I love the contrast of pattern with the bright colors of the markers.  Trust me, my drawers do no normally look so minimal.  This was one of my deliberate choices to make the composition a bit stronger.

Day 10 #game
A bit of alphabet fun.

Day 11 #signature
This is my Christening cross with my name inscribed in Greek.

Day 12 #mini
Vivi has a Minnie Mouse addiction.  

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