Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The 30 Day TV Detox- Days 26-30

Chair Run

     Yesterday we spent an unexpected day with daddy.  When he his home, our day is usually colorful, and filled with little squeals of joy (at least from Vivi).  Daddy introduced the "office chair" to our repertoire of things to do without TV.  First, they chased the dog around the house.  I caught poor Bingo hiding on his couch, begging me to protect him. Next, they twirled around until they were dazed and confused.  Last, Dustin ran them up and down the kitchen as fast as he could.  
    I hope you enjoyed following us on this TV detox journey.  I believe this forced me to engage my children with creative thinking and we had a better flow and structure to our day.  Has this series inspired your family to limit TV?  I'd be interested in hearing about your adventures!  

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