Thursday, November 3, 2011

Play Nice

     For a two year old, the idea of sharing with little sister (who is 1), is pretty much much a daily struggle.  Every time the kids play unsupervised, there is some amount of crying and hitting involved.  I am sick and tired of putting Mr. S. in the "naughty seat," which in my humble opinion does not work.  When he hits and shoves, he is aware of his negative behavior, but rejects apologizing to his sister.  Though he willingly apologizes to mommy and daddy.
     I recognize that he needs to be in control and assert his independence.  This is fine with me, but it needs to be accomplished in a safe and controlled setting.


     So today, Mr. S. made the rules.  The three of us played "legos" in the toy room.  Mr. S. loved to dump, so he was in charge of dumping the legos and building.  Meanwhile, he allowed the baby to put the legos into the bin.  Mommy was in the middle making sure they did not get into trouble.  With my right hand I helped Mr. S. build tall buildings, while with my left hand I made a pile for the baby.  This is how the morning went.  We peacefully played to our hearts content.. I guess mommy needs to supervise more often.

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