Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 7

I have accomplished two solid months of daily photo journaling.  I admit, the photo challenges were easy in the beginning. Yet, over time they have become rather challenging.  Here are five things I've discovered, so far, during this project:

  1. I am fascinated with composition. 
  2. I mostly shoot from my i-phone.
  3. I like using the white border in the Afterglow editing app in order to preserve the original aspect  ratio of the photo.  I get bored with every picture looking so square.
  4. My subjects are usually my children.  Why? Well, because they are always tugging at my feet begging to get photographed. (sarcasm)
  5. It is getting more difficult to stay motivated.  So I need you people to keep me motivated!!! 

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